Fortresses are reminders of a warlike history

For centuries, the Gulf of Finland has been a major waterway between the east and west, along which peoples and influences, as well as conquerors and wars, have passed. Finland's history is strongly linked to the power struggle between its two neighbouring countries, i.e. Sweden and Russia.

For centuries, both Sweden and Russia strengthened their borders by building sea fortifications in Finland off major coastal cities and along important marine water routes. New forts were built as the borders of the countries changed and old forts were repaired or destroyed in the heat of war. Even at the beginning of the 20th century, it was still felt that there was a ongoing need for maritime defence. This is evidenced by many of the modern coastal forts scattered throughout our archipelagos.

You can become acquainted the warlike history of our country by visiting several fascinating fortresses on the coast of Finland. Among the maze-like and winding walls of these fortresses, one can sense bygone warfare, smell the gunpowder smoke, and imagine enemy warships on the horizon.