The Gulf of Bothnia Research Station operates at the University of Oulu and at the Ii Field Station

The Bay of Bothnia Research Station is a subdivision of the Biodiversity Unit of the University of Oulu, which has operations in Oulu City and a field station on the island of Ii Ulkokrunni. The field station is located on the premises of the former pilot station. The field station does not have permanent staff and does not provide catering services.

The field station can be used all-year-round, even in winter and has a separate wood-heated sauna. It also has a generator, as well as a windmill and solar panels to produce electricity. It can accommodate about 15 people year-round and somewhat more during the summer. The station is used by researchers and also offers field courses in several scientific fields.

The research station studies underwater nature and shoreline biota

The research conducted by the Bothnian Bay Research Centre covers a wide range of both underwater and shoreline species research. In the Bothnian Bay area, vegetation, fish, seals, and birds are surveyed. Environmental sampling collects information on water quality, as well as from planktonic and benthic communities. The research station is also at the disposal of researchers studying the archaeology of the archipelago.

Fourleaf mare's tail (Hippuris tetraphylla).

The research station provides accommodation, sampling, and support services

The Ii field station is located within a private nature reserve managed by the Maakrunni Foundation, whose conservation regulations somewhat restrict its use. In addition to accommodation services, the research station mainly provides research sampling and support services.

The Bay of Bothnia Research Station began operations in 1962 on the premises of a former pilot station on the island of Ulkokrunni and was named the Krunni Biological Station. In 1970, it also acquired the premises of the former pilot station in Marjaniemi, on Hailuoto Island. The Hailuoto Unit gave up its accommodation facility in 2007, and its office space in 2009.